Americanah follows the lives of two adolescents and their experiences into adult life to put it extremely simply.

Race, relationships, immigration struggles, culture (and culture shock), politics and not giving up are factors that make up this story without giving away too much.

This novel is relatable, the characters are developed well feel like people you know. Because of this you empathy comes easily. There are also many circumstances to sympathise with. Unfulfilling job/ career, being in social settings with people you have little in common with (frequently), the air of hope felt during the Obama campaign, making difficult decisions, realising your own worth… 

I loved how Adichie portrayed the honest  beauty that are all highs, lows and subzero levels that make up a persons life.

Adichie did an amazing job creating both culturally specific and universally appealing characters. With immigration being a big political issue in first world countries, and being the child of immigrant parents, it was interesting to read about the experiences of Ifemelu, Obinze and their relatives. This also lead me to wonder what readers unfamiliar with this struggle would have thought reading this novel.

The end was short, sweet and satisfying. It gave me a sense of hope that despite all  of my “stuff”, I’m working through and to something and I just have keep moving forward, the way the Ifemelu and Obinze did.

I have recommended this book to several of my friends and cannot wait to hear their views.
Have you read Americanah and what did you think of it?