I was tired of waiting for him to organise date number 3 so send him a cryptic message (on 21/10/16).

Me: 3/11/16

Him: Hey Ash, what’s that?

Me: Date night. 

Him: I’m trying to see you next week if possible. 

Me: Ok. Lol.. 

(That caught me off guard, stay cool…)

I know you’re always busy so I decided to make an appointment. But glad you’d already fit me in. 

(Semi cool?)

Him: Yeah for sure lool. 

Do you actually have something planned for 3/11/16?

Me: No but I would have planned something once you agreed to it..

(Lost the cool -_-)

So we met up for bowling and dinner. Bowling is one of the many sports that I’m not any good at but it was fun. 

He did, after I made it clear I was serious , give in and allow me to have the sides up. 

What would be the point of playing if all of my balls went down the drain? 

Despite my advantage, I still managed to maintain quite an impressive losing streak but by the end of the game I won. Which I’m sure he allowed as I witnessed him perform some amazing strikes, getting the ball to curl at his will. I see you gentleman!

Dinner was nice we ate and then talked until closing. We covered many topics – work, uni, relationships, religion, previous people we had met, the differences between West and South London and what we liked about each other.

He liked that I was easy going and not guarded like a lot of girls he had met who been through negative experiences with guys they had previously dated. 

I liked that he had an approach that was different to any guy I had met, so different that I couldn’t work him out. He had a vibe of “sweetness” that verged on innocence. But I didn’t believe it. He found that really funny. 

But could he blame me? He’d described his boys as savages lol. The types who stand outside the club at the end of the night trying to get every last number. Could he be different or could his savagery just be on a whole other level?

Whatever it is I’m still interested.