How am I feeling right now? Pissed would be an understatement!

As someone who contributed somewhat to me having life but still managed to skip willy nilly in and out of it I have refused to feel any kind of need for you. 

The fact that you have the nerve to not contact me for almost a year (which was pretty common during childhood) then call me out of the blue with advice and Christian guidance not knowing what I have been through recently PISSES ME OFF! But I feel like I can’t be mad because you obviously mean well. 

I’m angry at myself mainly for not being able to get this out and across to you in the manner that you deserve to hear it. But I guess that’s how I address all situations of conflict – passively. 

What I wanted to say was who are you to be giving me advice about my life when you’re not even apart of??

You’ve been trying to call me? When? Yes, this is a new number but it’s only 4 weeks old, my previous one worked for the past year?

Oh this prophet advised you to speak to your daughter? Aren’t I lucky that he thought of me and reminded you that you have a daughter? And other family members that you should call. With a phone. Since it’s 2016. And they’ve exist for several decades now.

Then you end it with telling me that you love me. Something that I have been living perfectly well without. And frankly don’t feel that I need from you or any other man to feel live a fulfilled and happy life. Because honestly hearing you say that made me mad.