This song. 


Because of this song I haven’t been able to move past the third track from Solange’s new album, ‘A Seat At The Table’. I really want to – but I get to this track and just have to play it on repeat.
This track almost completely mirrors the last 6 years of my life it gives me chills (and almost hurts my feelings). Her admissions were almost identical to mine and it felt like she was reading my diary out loud. Assuming that this is her story, her honesty is very much appreciated. The only line missing is “I tried to eat it away…” LOL!

Life and growth is a journey that we all go through. The choices we make make perfect sense at the time but hindsight annoyingly highlights, and underlines, all of the bad ones. There’s no going back or do-overs but there’s no better teacher that experience.

Back to the track… The visuals are stunning. Striking, delicate and full of texture (?) much like how she performs the song. The vocals are smooth and effortless. The instrumental is.. smooth and effortless too. Together they simply are an artist experience.

If this is a taste of what is to come later in the album I cannot wait!


What song/album are you listening to now that has you about to break the repeat button?

What do you like most about it?

Have you listened to A Seat At The Table and what is your favourite track?