I’ve been told a lot.

That, because I was raised in a single parent household, I was damaged.

That, because I was raised and taught that I didn’t “need” a man to do or give me anything I was “too independent” – which would cause problems in my future relationships. One uni discussion, cut short, concluded with me being told that I wouldn’t be able to submit to my husband, and that if my husband cheated leaving would be the wrong decision as I would be splitting up my family. This scholarly word came from someone from two parent household, who’s mother was not being treated very respectfully and so I was not greatly concerned or pressed to change my mind.

I can admit that not seeing a successful relationship “work” growing up had me feeling that I was one step behind everyone else. The “successful relationship cheat codes” had not been downloaded into my subconscious so alarm bells” would alert me to guys who weren’t worth my time. Now I realise that  men are a major that God blessed me with healthy eyes and ears, common sense and a small circle. 

Recently I met someone new and this guy is good, the wholesome kind. He comes from a good family, he’s got a degree, works full time, goes to church and has high standards – in a good way. And ambitious. That’s probably my favourite thing about him. He knows what he wants, he seeks good advice and he’s working towards his goal. He’s ambitious to the point that he inspires me to be improve in every aspect of my life.

My second favourite thing is that he’s not sleazy or in a rush to get in the “cookie jar”.

But you know what people say, if something seems too good, it probably is.

But I like him, so I’m gonna see where this goes…