A few weeks ago, after a lot of protest, I gave in and joined Tinder.

Some of my  wariness stemmed from my “lack of greatness” with social network-y stuff. I’m not someone who enjoys constantly posting pictures and videos of my life and rarely even change my WhatsApp display picture. However that isn’t really an issue with Tinder and from what I had heard, wasn’t really what its users used it for – which was my main concern.

Its not serious! It will be fun! This is what people do now. Our generation aren’t supposed to be funny about things like this! These young kids in school and college know how to generate thousands of followers on social media just like that *snaps fingers*! It’s our parents’ generation who are meant to be all “funny” when it comes to technology and the internet! Stop being silly and set yourself up before I do one for you using the pictures I have of you on my phone and start talking to people for you!

“……….”  – was my protest.

So, I changed my first name on Facebook, set myself up and started swiping. Left. A lot! Lol. Boy, were the pickings slim for a girl with my taste, but swiping through the profiles was fun. There are some A* weirdos out there. Guys dressed as nuns, guys sleeping on trains, guys flexing in the gym, guys trying to be deep..  Then I saw him, swiped right and “bloop” it was match! Which was fun until I realised things were about to get real.

I had just set up my profile and swiped right, so to have a match already meant he was swiping too, so he was awake and was probably going to message me any second! Well it was actually a few minutes later. Thankfully happy hour earlier had not warn off so conversation flowed pretty easily, on my side most importantly. Numbers were exchanged a few days later and we met up after about a week.

It was a rainy, he chose the location, a south London cocktail bar, and luckily for me I arrived first so I could remove my head wrap, and hoodie, and be sitting seductively at the table when he arrived.

His profile pic was nice but in person I was impressed and did I mention he was French. He looked and smelt nice, his teeth were clean and he had a really good sense of humour. After a few hours, and several rounds, he asked if I was hungry as he was going home to cook something for dinner, I can’t remember what what now. I did the best version of quick thinking I could…. and agreed.

He’s a good chef and we both enjoyed his “meal”.

After, we watched S1 E1 of Power which I had spoken about earlier in the evening as he had heard of it but not started watching it yet before I called an uber and left.

We still talk but I have now deactivated my account.