Not everything that has stood the test of time is meant to last forever..

For example when a long term friend does their best to spoil your entire holiday that ‘they’ invited you on and ‘you’ paid for – that “friendship” has reached the end of the road…

Similarly don’t be slow to cut off someone who’s been good to you for 11 years the first time they intentionally lie to get what they want from you because they know you’d turn them down if you knew the truth.

Or a friend who knowingly sleeps with your boyfriend. ( No brainer)

Or a friend who doesn’t return money you lent. (Another no brainer)

Before you start pitying me let me just confirm that only one of the above has happened to me the rest happened to friends of mine – that I haven’t cut off. I just wanted to give some real life examples of situations where “knowing someone for a long time” does not count for sh*t. You just have to cut them one off.

At times that decision can be easy but when it isn’t you just need remember that they are an adult and made their decision to disrespect you already so you as, as an adult, need to make a decision to show them you aren’t a doormat. If it helps, take yourself out of the situation and imagine a friend was telling you the story, what would your reaction be?

Obviously after knowing someone for years you would have built a connection and will miss them and all the good times, as I did but – things have now changed. And the friendship you offer is a privilege that they have proven not to deserve.


So tell me, what situations have caused you or people you know so decide that once (or twice was enough) and severe their ties with people?