Not last, but not enough to rank..

Winning is always the objective but not necessarily the outcome. The past 3 months have been an uncomfortable learning experience. Turns out, the little that I thought I knew about ‘stuff’ was wrong.

I’ve crossed milestones, had to cut off a “friend” and come to the annoying realization that mum (yet again) was right.

To those looking in, I appear to be doing ok but the more I sit and reflect the further I feel from ok.

Scrolling through one of my favourite Instagram follows recently, @loveychuhtha, I came across an Olympics themed question to the gist of – where were you in life in 2012? And his followers gave some real, honest answers – mostly bad. I had a good old read but chickened out of sharing my own story…

Summer 2012 I was 21, confident, about to go on my first holiday (all friends/ no family) and felt ready to conquer the world. I had no idea that after returning from Portugal and working my summer job at London 2012 I would begin my final year at uni which would turn my whole life upside down. I would balloon 2.5 stones in the coming months, graduate into a field I hated, and not recognise and appreciate the truly amazing people God brought into my life that year.

Four years on I’m 11 months into a decent job that I strongly dislike, am ready for a drastic career change but unsure of the direction. On a positive note I recently went to Cyprus with friends and am maybe 1.25 stones (give or take the decimals) lighter lol. I  have several amazing people in my life, mostly long term but a few new *wink*.

Thankfully I’m no longer in that situation but things are not feeling very bright at the moment. At the same I feel that I am at the stage of bad that comes just before a situation drastically improved – but let’s no get too carried away.


The most annoying thing is that I feel so close to “being there”. A few well thought through decisions could have me where I want to be.

I know I’m not alone here? Most of my friends hate their day job and salivate over their dreams of being free from the 9 to 5’s and financial obligations. But they’re just here, plotting, stuck.

How has your situation changed  from 2012 to now? Are you tired of your current job ? What would your ideal career be and why? How close are you to achieving it?