I love a good motivational quote!

I am passionate about living a happy and meaningful life and try my hardest (and mostly fail) to be that person all the time. And quotes definitely help. Particularly on a Sunday night or Monday morning as you prepare yourself mentally to put on your work personality that you’ll be wearing for the next five days.

Today is a good day to have a good day“, I read this morning as I waited for my bus in the rain …


Moments like that I do wish my talents were getting me somewhere.


A few weeks ago my colleague was telling me about a guy who used to work at the company. He was in his early 20’s and dj’d several nights during the week. He frequently arrived over an hour late for work (#Badman) and drank multiple energy drinks throughout the day. Now I don’t envy how he must have felt when the fatigue hit him in between Redbull’s but the passion he had for music must have felt amazing for him to have kept that up! And that is what I want in my life.

Unfortunately, “I have bills and I like them to be paid” (s/o Cardi B) hence the stable 9.30 to 6, the fact that I don’t just runaway from everything and the need for anonymously written encouragement!


“Be who you needed when you were younger”. This is probably my quote of the week.

Growing up I was always encouraged to do my best and repeatedly told that there was nothing I couldn’t achieve if I set my mind to it and worked hard. I was constantly shown role models and taught about their roads to success. I was surrounded by amazing roles when it came to mastering greatness in character and strength but not many examples of  what goes into achieving greatness was in business.


If I could sculpt the perfect role model for my 15 year old self she would be confident, not afraid to take risks, have a full time job and 2 money making hobbies, a warm and forgiving heart but a good eye for bulls**t and a solid 5/ 10 and 15 year plan..


Let me know who/what the perfect role model for your teenage self would have been?..

.. and “smile why you still have teeth!”