Reg is portrayed by Tim Roth, a great actor, his IMDd lists the many projects he’s been a part of, I know him from the US series Lie to Me.

In this based-on-a-true-story  drama series Roth plays Reg Keys, a grieving father who takes on Tony Blair and his choice to involve Britain in the early noughties’ Middle Eastern conflict.

In Episode 1 we are introduced to the surviving family members of Lance Corporal Keys and witness their grief as they receive the devastating new of his death. Reg does his best to stay strong for his family and seek answers not only for his but for other families dealing with the loss of their son’s. When he uncovers shocking facts surrounding his sons final moments and the truth about the WMD’s he takes his issues to Downing Street. After receiving several politically correct swerves from the Prime Ministers team Reg begins his own political campaign determined to be a voice for the unheard British population.

As with all BBC dramas this opening episode does not fail to have you hooked from the start. As a viewer I was instantly empathetic with each family member and felt all of their changing emotions as the episode progressed. My favorite scenes were during Reg’s door to door campaign, meeting prospective voters and constituents with similar and  differing viewpoints to his own. The honesty and validity that they portrayed of the British public gave both a comical and eye opening insight to the challenges Reg faced in the early stages of campaigning.

I will definitely be watching the entire series and hope you do too!