After about a week of serious consideration over a decision I’d made almost instantly, I cancelled a second stage interview.

This potential job would have meant a jump in pay, excellent experience and growth opportunities, family-like team spirit and a 5 minute walk to work!

“But you haven’t been offered the position yet”, you say. True. But I could just feel that I would. When a phone then face to face interview go that well… Toot toot!

“Then why cancel?” I’m just not ready.

Athough I have improved, my overall organisation and approach to work is not quite there yet and until it is, its definitely best that I keep it hidden within in a team of 5 that expose it in a team of 2.

I still took a half day off work because is was needed!

Last minute dinner plans landed me in The Real Greek. Second visit and definitely better than the first! Hot and cold mezze’s introduced me to a few new flavours, one I’m not in a rush to taste again.

The one side eye moment was seeing that the ginger beer costing £2.50 on the menu turned out to be a can of the Old Jamaica variety that cost 59/69p in your local supermarket, corner shop or off license. The cheek! My discount did get us 25% off  the bill which softened the blow.

The ups and downs of life…