‘Let’s go crazy, don’t be scared, cause we can conquer the world, if you dare’ Jazmine Sullivan – If You Dare – Reality Show 

It is now just over a year since I started this blog, I’m 9 posts (and 5 drafts that will hopefully become posts) deep and 8 months into my new job. So it’s safe to say that some progress has been made.

I have heard happiness be described as a journey and if that is the case, during the past 12 months I have definitely made a few stops and starts on that track.

Fun fact about me – I LOVE reality TV! From the Ratchet (LHH you choose the franchise) the Gameshows (I’m a Celebrity) to the ‘real’ (One Born Every Minute) – give me all the details, close ups and sub- titles!

The main one I am watching is Chasing Destiny which follows Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland’s journey putting together a girl group. Eight episodes in, auditions are complete, the final 5 have been chosen and the ‘real’ group molding process has begun (finally)!

For some girls the earlier ideals they had ‘served’ to the mentors and group members have started to fade, skeletons are emerging from closets and their physical and psychological strengths are being challenged – all for my viewing pleasure!

I am definitely in a similar stage, at work, to these girls. Although not chasing my dreams, keeping suppliers and colleagues off my back while juggling numbers is less fun that it sounds and the cracks in my ‘work style’ are starting to show. I daily thank God, and my parents, for my winning personality and smile, because my organisation could use work! Being up front about my previous director saying I’m “so laid back I’m lieing down” probably would not have gotten me the job so instead I lead with “extremely organised, hard working and self motivated”.

As life and karma would have it the odds are not currently in my favor and I have been working to my limit the past two weeks. As we approach the launch date of the company’s biggest production which runs for nearly 3 months I am considering leaving. Seriously. If I don’t, I will have no choice but to prepare for the imminent sprouting of grey hairs.

I know that this is running away and not showing/developing strength of character but I don’t get paid enough for that level of stress.

I still have not decided on my life’s destination, hopefully I will soon, until thenn…

…if you are not watching Chasing Destiny I recommend you start. It’s not the typical musical contest show and focuses more on developing the talent (which they really do have), building the group and creating a relatable connection to each of the group members. There is a personality that will appeal to everyone, i definitely have a favourite!

Trust me, I’m a 90’s baby, raised listening to vocal talent, I know a singer when I hear one.