a way of life – Brandy Taught Me


After feeling pretty low all day, about practically everything, and trying and failing to sleep it away, I decided to just get out of the house.

With pay day being 5 days away I decided to put my cineworld card to use. I pay monthly to watch unlimited movies and hadn’t been to see one in about 5 weeks!

So I jumped into the Uber and arrived about 20 mins into Batman vs Superman. Which was ok, because I’d seen atleast the beginning before. I must have fallen asleep the first time I watched it because this time round I was seeing several parts of the middle and end for the first time.

Oh and did I mention that I went alone?! Yes, I was that poor, lonely soul who queued – alone, purchased a ticket – alone, bought one solo snack and sat by theirselves in midst of strangers!

And it wasn’t that bad!

Dinner was definitely harder. Sunday evening, the restaurant was full of couples and families – and me. To make it worse I asked if the restaurant staff could charge my phone so was sat there totally lost waiting for my cocktail and my food. Eating was no problem though, no distraction was necessary.

After dinner I went to watch the new Jungle Book movie, now a pro at solo movie watching. I really enjoyed it – talking animals and all!

Baloo is still my favourite, followed closely by Bageera (?) the shade king! Lol.

This concludes my story, the moral of which is to listen to Brandy. No (lol) it’s to not limit yourself by silly standards.