• cheaper than therapy and more tactful the Charlamagne.

I would never knock anyone’s profession but there is absolutely nothing better than being served “the real” from your friends. and when it comes to those I have some good ones! They are all very different and the all speak there minds. In fact, I think the best thing about all of them is that they all have personal attributes that I aspire to.

These range from unwavering optimism, to a fiery no-nonsense I-call-it-how-I-see it approach to life.

The latter is an attribute that I could definitely have used of late.

During our recent catchup I spoke of my work place woes and was forced to answer a really uncomfortable question – When asked if you were upset, if you were why didn’t you say yes?

On the spot and not wanting to look foolish, but with no quick witted response in mind I was forced to accept the truth(s).

It was the easy option. At that moment in time I was caught of guard and offended and my fight or flight response was set to flight.

Instead of rebuffing the pressure that had been applied to me and show strength I made out that I was ok. Which I never should have done as it did no benefit me at all.