• still a step in the right direction.


03.01.2016. It’s three days into the new year and I’ve just had a very common conversation with a friend of mine…

Friend: I’ve just bought two bottles of wine and some chocolates and I’m going home to eat it all I. I don’t care if its’ the third of January.

Me: Don’t worry girl, so far today I’ve had two cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, topped the whipped cream up twice each time and then squirted some from the can straight into my mouth… But don’t worry I haven’t touched the Bailey’s so my dry January is going well!.. Hold on did you say two bottles of wine? Noooo… don’t do it!

Friend: Girl.. I broke that dry January yesterday…

This was followed by very incorrect calorie estimates, a short pity party for our unfortunate “feminine” circumstance and a very likely false promise to start over tomorrow – since she never really started at all.

To be honest I have never (ever) really kept any New Years Resolution that I’ve made mostly because I think “I’ll break it sooner or later”. I generally make a half hearted attempt at keeping it  for a few weeks before I then quit.

But after seeing how quickly 2015  came and went and the progress that I did make (towards the end of the year) I am very committed to sticking to the goals that I set for myself this year. So far they are improving my fitness/ health (typical, I know), saving responsibly, picking up my art again and reading a lot more, but I am definitely open to taking on as many new interests as possible

After all a year is just a sequence of days (and I know my subzero level of self control won’t change overnight) but I am determined to make work them all meaningful and any of them can be my “Jan 1st”.