• that you shouldn’t take too seriously.


“If you want it, (wish for it) then work for it. If it’s better than before you’re winning, if it’s not, atleast you know and can shift your aspiration to something else”.

So, it’s been seven months since my last post, which I honestly thought would be my last and a lot has happened. No, that’s a huge understatement. Everything (almost) that I wanted to happen has happened.

With the exception of my Caribbean holiday in June and my social life pretty much exploding over the summer, the things that I’d been wishing for all seemed to fall into place around my birthday. I guess nothing goes quite as well with age as responsibility, right?

I finished my temporary contract without having secured a new role and was offered a permanent position the next day (!) in an amazing company (!), in a great location (!), in an industry that I was keen to get in to (!), that met my salary expectations (!) and started the following Monday!

(I also met a guy, decided on a solid direction to take my life in and began a ‘Miss Congeniality’ style project on myself but those are other posts…)

But back to the job – it wasn’t wishing alone that got me there. I have endured countless awkward interviews, where I was asked stupidly irrelevant questions like – ‘What animal would you describe yourself as and why?’ and answered more stupidly ‘A cat because they have an easily life..’ (paraphrasing).

I have been in this role about 5 weeks now, the novelty has worn off and I can honestly say that I have never worked this hard in my life. The intensity is like daily revising for an exam worth 100% of your grade that you have to sit tomorrow.

However saying that I wouldn’t trade where I am now for where I was for anything! The additional responsibility, modern working environment and feelings of growth and progression definitely compensate for everything else.

Life is definitely for the people who pray/wish and dream to improve and better themselves and I would definitely recommend positive thinking to everyone especially those not happy with their current situation.