“This is not my life!”


  1.  an expression mostly heard by my colleagues around 2.15 pm, when clock watching and Instagram no longer mask the terminal boredom that is my day job.
  2. a feeling of exactly the same thing.

I work in accounts: I guess you could call it my field. I began studying it in college, took it to degree level, (disliked it pretty early on), graduated and now I’m here. Why, you ask. I chose to pursue “financial security”,  naively believing that education and determination would make it a pretty certain outcome, but didn’t factor in feeling unfulfilled the whole time.

Since graduating I have struggled to find the will to chase success in a field I knew I had no interest in, despite knowing that if I put my mind to it I would be successful.

Also as I have never really had a passion I have not actively pursued anything else.

Until my passion does become clear to me I will take advantage of every opportunity I have to try new things and also spend more time doing what I know I enjoy.

And I will be job hunting like crazy!