I decided to write this blog for a few reasons:

  • to see myself the way I feel that my friends and colleagues see me. A lot of what I do and say people find amusing or wrong. Reading it back will hopefully help me get the joke or see things their way.
  • to push myself to take steps towards what I want in life. I’m young, creative and not made for this 37.5 hours a week desk job. I give great advice and I think its time I took some myself.
  • I like blogs. I’d be on them all day if my work didn’t have security on their wifi.
  • and I feel I’m a pretty relatable person.

I was initially going to write a diary but I tried that a few times and after a few entries got bored and stopped- plus that’s safe, I want to challenge myself.

At this point I just want my life to start working for me and hopefully in a years time I will be a lot closer to that.